Principles of Sex Education

About the Principles

The longing to love and be loved is part of the very nature of man. A successful life, a successful marriage and family are among the preeminent desires of young men and women. But by the same token, a daily glimpse into various types of media gives an indication of how difficult this can be: the dealing with one’s sexuality, one’s physicality, with relational bonding and the fears related to bonding, all interwoven in the concurrent search for one’s own identity. "Do we have the right understanding of love? Its meaning has often become sentimental and weak. (...) The modern age needs to see love as something much more spacious, more terrible, as something mightier", said Romano Guardini.

We don’t simply “fall” in love. We can also learn from the experiences of others. Amidst a sea of possibilities that exists for the development of one’s understanding of reality, here is a compilation of expert considerations and suggestions.

They are geared toward all who are active in families, in educational formation (theoretical and practical), in schools and educational institutions. They are equally geared toward young people who are seeking reliable advice in their process of maturation.

Tulips are a meaningful symbol. In their beginning phase, tulip bulbs are tightly closed. But an unfolding is stirring within them. To intentionally break them open will not help them to bloom more quickly. Rather, they will come to bloom when their time is ripe. Allowing a tulip the proper time and conditions to ripen is rewarded by the beauty of the blooming flower.

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