Principles Sexual Education

5. General conditions

Sex education is the primary right of parents or guardians. Consequently, parents and guardians are always to be informed and included when sex education is offered in educational institutions.

Some parents are overwhelmed when it comes to teaching their children in this area, either due to time commitments, content, or possibly due to their own biography. They often need support and training themselves.

At the same time we should also consider that youth go through natural and developmentally necessary detachments from their parents. For this reason educational opportunities outside the family are an important support for the parental task of educating their children.   In this respect, sex education in and outside schools has a supportive and supplementary function. At the same time, rights must be ensured, either the right to voluntarily take part in sex education classes, or, respectively, for parents to opt their children out from classes, and for teens, the right to choose to participate in sex education or to opt out.